Course Description

Computer Programming is an introductory to an intermediate course with hands-on exposure to object-oriented programming. Students study the relationship between hardware and software, logic structures, and development of algorithms for problem solving. Students will utilize 3D graphical environment to create multimedia programs. Students will achieve significant preparation for AP Computer Science and post-secondary experiences. Prerequisites: Algebra

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:


The following grading scale will be used in assessing student performance:

100% - 90% A
89% - 80% B
79% - 70% C
69% - 60% D
Below 60% F

Approximant impact of assessments upon grades:
   Exams (knowledge and skills based tests/quizzes) approximately 50%
   Programming Projects ( skills based assessment) approximately 50%

Vocabulary is important in this course. Students are expected to maintain their own vocabulary definitions and study for weekly vocabulary quizzes. Current vocabulary is posted in classroom and on Google Classroom. Definitions are given in class, mostly verbally, as the term is covered. A complete list of definitions is not posted.

Due Dates

All work is due on assigned date. Late work is not accepted for a grade. Assigned dates are visible in Google Classroom where all work assignments are announced and turned-in. All make-up work from an excused absence is the responsibility of the student. It is the student’s responsibility to talk to instructor and arrange make-up of work. It is the responsibility of student to initiate this conversation. Students are allowed two school days to make up work on the missed day of absence and one additional day for each successive day missed thereafter.

Academic dishonesty results in a loss of credit for the student(s) involved. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, giving or receiving answers to assignments, sharing of completed work, and cheating on exams.

Code of Conduct

Computer Literacy Requirements

Students must complete 90% on the Computer Literacy quiz. The purpose of this quiz is to test knowledge of how a computer works. Supporting material is given to learn the parts of a computer and how it the computer works. In order to effectively program, you must understand how the computer and network works.

Text and Supplies

Syllabus Agreement

Please complete the Syllabus Agreement which requires the parent and student to read this page (syllabus) and provide information. Completing this agreement confirms you have read and agree with the agreement.